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Hamilton Manufacturing Inc. produces quality cellulose insulation and hydroseeding products, which help to protect the environment and those who live in it. We reuse millions of pounds of newspaper and cardboard every year to produce green building and erosion control products that contribute to a sustainable future.
Hydroseeding mulch provides cost effective means for vegetation projects such as; erosion control, mine reclamation, lawn care, highways and golf courses. We have over forty years of experience in the erosion control and hydroseeding industry. We also carry all the amendments needed for a successful project, including mechanically agitated hydromulchers, tackifiers, and hydro compost.
Cellulose insulation contributes to highly efficient green building, which lowers energy costs while increasing your living standard. Other attributes include sound absorption, pest control, and a one hour firewall protection rating. Together these benefits offer the best insulation that can be bought on the market today.

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