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HMI’s Thermolok cellulose insulation is a superior insulation for sound control, fire protection, mold and mildew prevention, as well as energy efficiency. All of our insulation products are made from recycled materials and are produced from over 50% renewable energy making HMI products the greenest in the market. Cellulose insulation is a blow-in insulation which creates a tight seal in walls and attics limiting air movement. In-turn, this creates a higher thermal resistance to temperature change inside structures saving the owner money on energy bills.


Cellulose insulation is considered a premium insulation without the added costs. It does not itch like fiberglass or off gas like foam. Cellulose insulation can be applied in attics, in-between walls, on metal and concrete surfaces. Projects include residential housing, hotels, offices, apartment complexes, livestock farms, industrial buildings, and parking garages.



Thermolok Loosefill cellulose insulation is specifically designed for attics. Loosefill can be applied into walls with netting when the appropriate mixture of water for wall spray is not available. Loosefill can also be used for retro-fitting cavities in older homes, that may not have been insulated. Loosefill remains one of our most popular cellulose insulation products.




Thermospray cellulose insulation allows for application in more difficult areas such as ceilings made of metal or walls without netting. Thermospray is unique in that it is spray-applied into the wall cavity and seals all holes, cracks, and voids forming a seamless blanket. The finished surface minimizes noise leaks and helps break vibration paths. Thermospray insulation was tested for stability in wall cavities according to test method RDS 100-03. R & D Services found no evidence of setting in the tested wall cavities.




Thermolok Dustless cellulose insulation provides the attributes of Thermolok insulation plus adds to the installers comfort by minimizing dust and contributing to an agreeable work environment. Its characteristics and consistency work exceptionally well for all projects.




Thermolok InCide pest control (PC) insulation is a unique product that provides both high thermal performance with the advantage of pest control. InCide PC insulation meets the safety standards of the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commision (CPSC) 16CFR Section 1209. American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) C739. Our products are treated with EPA registered insecticide, wood preservatives, and fungicide for use in cellulose insulation that is 100% boron in content..



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CALL US:  1 (208) 733-9689


1 (208) 733-9689