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Battling dust on job sites of all types


Dust can not only be a nuisance, but a safety and health hazard. Dust measured between 1-10 pm can cause lung damage. KnockOut dust control products are humectants, which are effective in weighing down dust particles and making work environments safe. KnockOut dust control products will not leave your road surface slippery after application nor will it freeze in colder climates. All KnockOut dust control products are ready to drive over immediately after application. It will not damage soils or surrounding vegetation.


For the application, there are are several options. KnockOut Eco Dust is a stand alone dust control agent, ready to be used on projects sites from agriculture to quarry/ mining. In addition to our ready made solution, we also develop custom tailored formulas for specific projects. Please contact us for more information in regarding our dust control programs.


HMI's Knockout EcoDust dust control product


KnockOut Eco Dust is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, high-strength dust particle binder. Prior to application, the liquid concentrate is mixed with water to achieve recommended dilution. When the solution is sprayed on the soil, it forms a stable dust control matrix making it highly effective for fugitive dust control.


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CALL US:  1 (208) 733-9689


1 (208) 733-9689