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4000 Cellulose and Fiber Glass Machine

  • Maximize your production (open-blow) with our 4000-G Gas all-fiber (airlock) machine, featuring a large 14 inch (35.5cm.)diameter by 14 inch (35.5cm.) long airlock. Designed for low maintenance and high production, the 4000-G Gas machine provides large hopper capacity and easy loading, while offering simple rugged performance.
  • Cellulose 4000 lb/hr 1814 kg/hr
  • Hopper capacity 62 cubic feet
    (1.70 cubic meters)
  • Material production lbs/hr (kg/hr) rating with 150ft. (45.8m.) of 4" (10.2cm.) hose at 16ft. (4.9m.) elevation
  • Airlock 14" x 14" diameter (35.5cm. x 35.5cm. diameter)
    4" (10cm.) outlet for blowing hose
  • Dimensions 43"W x 69" D x 83" H
    (109cm.W x 175cm.D x 211cm.H)
  • Weight 1460 lbs. (62 kg.)