Hamilton Manufacturing Inc.

VH 550 Recycle Machine

  • Large recycle storage capacity (approx. 25 cu.ft.) holds ample supply of material to satisfy spraying requirements while alternating between vacuuming and wall scrubbing.
  • Heavy Duty stainless agitators (similar to KS-2000) on lower base unit along with a stainless steel vertical agitator eliminates corrosion from moisture and chemicals in the recycle fiber.
  • Increased airlock input and output tubes (3 dia.) for improved flow of air and fiber.
  • Slide gate with indicator gauge for precise metering and control of recycle fibers is accessible from outside of truck.
  • Round upper canister design with increased screen surface area and vertical agitator, will help prevent fiber build up and bridging. The increased perforated metal screen area reduces system back pressure while filtering out all but the fine dust.
  • Drive motor (1hp), 50 drive chain, and hardened tooth sprockets eliminate chain breaking or slipping under extreme loads, while providing ample power to the vertical agitator system.
  • Scraper and bristle brush continually clean the build up on the perforated stainless steel screen.
  • Bin Level indicator shuts the vacuum off when the recycle hopper is full.
  • Safety interlock switch shuts off agitation when door is open.
  • Overall dimensions of 38 1/2 wide x 39 long x 76 high and a weight of 1045 lbs.