Hamilton Manufacturing Inc.

Straw Blower

  • The Kincaid Straw Blower is the fastest compact straw blower on the market, as well as the most durable. Our folding feed tray is made to withstand countless bales of straw being thrown onto it. The cannon discharge is bearing mounted and fully rotational, and will virtually eliminate the need for an extension hose. Our triple groove belt eliminates coupling failure and vibration, providing a smoother operation as well as reduced downtime on the job. The Kincaid Straw Blower is made to fit on the bed of your truck or the back of your trailer. Our own custom trailer is designed to provide the user with the utmost in safety as well as function.
    Experience the simplicity of the Kincaid Straw Blower for spreading straw mulch onto a seed bed. The Kincaid Straw Blower is ready for all of your landscaping or rental needs.

  • Straw Blower KSM 20 KSM 56
    Length 55" 93"
    Operating Length 81" 93"
    Width 40" 48"
    Power 20 hp Kohler 56 hp Kubota
    Blower Fan 16" High Velocity 26" High Velocity
    Beater Chamber 7 cu. Ft. 7 cu. Ft.
    Beater Chains 8 Hardened 6 Hardened
    Discharge Cannon 360-Degree Rotational
    60-Degree Vertical
    360-Degree Rotational
    60-Degree Vertical
    Battery 12-Volt Automotive 12-Volt Automotive
    Fuel Tank 6.6 Gallon 15 Gallon
    Feed Tray 24" Wide
    24" Wide,
    Capacity 2-3 Bales per Minute 4-6 Bales per Minute
    Discharge Distance 40 ft. 40-80 ft.
    Hose Capacity Up to 100 ft. Up to 100 ft.
    Weight 700 lbs. 1800 lbs.